October 31, 2017 wolfpack

What happens when rowdy friends crowd an NYC apartment after a night out?

Alexa, order me a Porsche and some toilet paper

And that’s how a close friend ended up in the doghouse. 2 days later a $55 History of Porshe book and a jumbo pack of toilet paper arrived at the apartment along with some other items I’m not authorized to discuss.

Then there is Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

So we challenged a few of our programmers to do something useful with an Alexa and here is what they did.

Alexa, how many leads did I get? This function is an integration with our Rheem WebSuite program which tracks website generated leads and other metrics for contractors all over the US and Canada. We can command Alexa to retrieve summarized data which is only otherwise accessible from a dashboard.

We are planning to use this new knowledge to allow our customers to access their data without having to use a keyboard.