Why? Many reasons. First, we are busy focusing on our clients’ projects. Second, cat videos and Progressive Insurance ads aren’t our ideas of a productive workday… but we do understand its power and value (heck we do it for some clients). As an agency, we invest our time and energy elsewhere. Most of our customers come via referrals so trying to fill endless social media feeds isn’t high priority.

On Twitter, we get excited if someone follows us. In real life, we get really scared and run away.

Are we crazy or different? Maybe both. As a valued client we’ll come visit you in person and avoid hiding behind email as often as we can. Besides, we moved out of our garages a long time ago and don’t use generic stock photography, any more that is. If you want to “follow” us, please come to our office and hang out. We’ll get a workout in at Crossfit and if you survive that we’ll buy you lunch.

Below are the social media icons you won’t find us active on. Feel free to click, but it won’t do you any good.