No Longer Accepting Applications for this Position [April 1] – Now Hiring [March 2019]
Help Desk Agent (Quakertown, PA) – As a member of the help desk team you’ll be ensuring all Kinertia customers receive the highest level of service. Instead of the typical obscure job board language, we’ll lay out it for you like humans.

You’ll be responsible for managing a support inbox (we use FreshDesk – Google it). Typical inquiries will range from “Please add this to my website” to “I’m seeing errors with xyz” to “I want to sign up”. You’ll respond with a friendly and courteous “Got it, we’ll handle that and let you know when it’s complete”. After that, you’ll delegate the task to another teammate and ensure it gets done. Think of this as being the air traffic controller of the help desk. You need to be organized and communicate well each day.

What we value most in this position…

  • Character
  • Organization and Diligence in work tasks
  • Previous Customer Service Experience
  • Excellent basic computer skills (type fast, familiarity with Google Drive, photoshop is a bonus).
  • Good Phone Communication skills. (calling customers professionally)
  • Great email communication.

You’ll be expected to monitor a live chat, a phone line, and an inbox throughout the day.

Perks of joining our team.

#1 – Work from home as much or as little as you’d like.

#2 – 30 hour work weeks

#3 – Flexible Hours. Got a sick kid unexpectedly? We understand. Work Later

#4 – Growing tech company in Quakertown area with advancement opportunities.

#5 – Paid vacation

Compensation: based on experience. $30k-40k annually. Performance Bonuses. Health Insurance is available.

To apply please complete the application below.

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No longer accepting applications.