Partnership Profile

Drilling for Success Online

Allied Well Drilling is one of the largest geothermal well drilling companies in the United States. Their amazing growth has come with technological challenges along the way.

Through a close partnership, we’ve been fortunate to build many solutions to aid Allied’s success including their company website.

Mobile Well Mapping

Data plays a big part in the well drilling industry. The problem is that most well data today is hard to access. Well logs have been handwritten for decades and searching hundreds of thousands of pdfs regularly is… not time well spent. We took a different approach. By using a public data source we were able to plot every well on a map. Next, we got creative to link pins to files based on a consistent naming convention. The final product allows Allied to enter an address and retrieve all the surrounding well data within seconds.

"Connecting our shops makes communication easy and fun"
Adam Santry - President of Allied Wells

No Hand Washing Needed With Allied Connect

Communication among the mechanics at each Allied location is now easier than ever. 55″ monitors with a webcam provide a continuous live connection between 3 locations. Whenever the shops need to ask for advice or check the progress of a piece of equipment they simply walk over and talk in real time to their co-workers hundreds of miles away. The video and audio quality is amazing.

While the increase in communication has improved productivity it has also proved to be fun at times as well.

Migrating to the Cloud

Google has spent hundreds of millions to build cloud solutions for businesses. We’ve run our team on Google for Work since day 1 so we were surprised to find internal mail servers and telephone company “IT Guys” in our early interactions with Allied. After frustrations with the existing tech setup took their toll, Allied entrusted us to solve the problem. Within 30 days we migrated every employee email account to Google for Work. Next, we introduced them to the world of the cloud. While we can’t take credit for the awesome product Google builds, we can say things are much smoother and more scalable now than before. Sometimes we don’t have to build a miracle – we simply steer our partners in the right direction.

  • Security and Privacy Controls
  • Easy File Sharing.
  • Unmatched Email Services