Making Quick Work

Old Data, New Way to Access It

Understanding the geology of an area is the key to efficient Well Drilling. A Well Completion Report is required by most states, but accessing that historical data (often hand written) can be time-consuming. We modernized the process for 100,000+ wells.

The Data Request

By using requests for public information we were able to access a legacy database of every well drilled in the state of  Maryland. The data set only had basics on it though, it did not contain the log information we needed. Log information tells a driller what geology was found while drilling a well at each foot. Some geology makes for easy drilling, other geologies mean 5x the expected drill time.






    Amazon S3

Making it Useable

First, we mapped every well based on latitude and longitude. Next, we manipulated a HUGE set of files so that the names of the pdf’s matched a key in our database. This allowed us to provide a link on each map pin which takes the user directly to the correct online PDF that contains the handwritten notes they need to see before drilling.

"This well completion report lookup process took me 2 hours per well before. It now takes seconds. We love it."
Andy - Project Manager