Insurance Agent WebSuite

Clutch Analytics had a unique problem. They wanted to help their thousands of local insurance agents get a more modern, and sometimes first, online presence while at the same time promoting their online quoting tool for their insurance products. We helped them build a website program that did both.

What We Built:

Clutch Analytics and their sister company Windhaven Insurance work with thousands of independent, local, insurance agents. Their sales reps. got the question all the time from their agents, what should I be doing online? So, they knew they had to do something to help. At the same time they developed a custom insurance quoting tool that allows consumers to get an instant quote. It was the perfect time to launch a website program and solve both problems at once.

Technology Used:

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How We Built It:

The system is single Ruby on Rails app that integrates with a domain registrar in order to allow agents to buy their own custom domain, without having to setup a Godaddy account, they can bring their own domain if they want to though. The choice is theirs. We worked with the Clutch team to develop the template they’d like on the site, to add in customization options for their agents, and to make sure the online quote tool is featured in prime locations on every site.

We set out to build a single website builder platform that would make it easy for their agents to sign up for a website, customize the look of their site and the content that’s on it, set up a custom domain, and make it easy for Clutch to manage all of this.